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YTO X900 Tractor

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70-95HP Wheeled Tractor
1. The 70-95HP wheeled tractor is equipped with 4-cylinder diesel engine produced from UK Racado technology. Besides the large torque and the strong power, this agricultural equipment consumes less energy during operation, which is conducive to low carbon emission and environmental protection.
2. Equipped with the transmission system designed on the basis of European technology, our product can be provided with 12F+4R, 12F+12R or 24F+8R gear. Additionally, the synchronizer for gear shifting is optional. It can provide smooth and safe gear shift to avoid parking during gear shifting.
3. The front axle of our 70-95HP wheeled tractor is manufactured according to the technology from Europe. So, it is reliable and durable for use.
4. Our wheeled tractor with cab employs LUK independently controlled dual clutch. The high reliability makes the operation available during gear shifting, resulting in higher working efficiency.
5. The hydraulic steering system installed with adjustable steering wheel can be manually controlled. So the operation of the four wheel drive tractor is quite comfortable.
6. High safety is ensured due to the wet disc brake.
7. For application in combination with more farm implements, our 70-95HP wheeled tractor is designed with synchronized and independent PTO double-speed power output.
8. The adjustable single or double-acting multi-way valve, as well as the 2 or 3 group hydraulic outputs, is conducive to the outstanding adaptability of our agricultural vehicle.
9. Besides the nice appearance, our fully enclosed cab can be equipped with air condition system so as to offer the driver a high level of comfort.
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Drive Type 4×2
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm) 4250×2090×2850 4360×2090×2850
Wheel Base(mm) 2342
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 360
Min. Operating Mass (kg) (with anti-rollover frame and counterweight rack) 3030 3110
Tyre Size (F/R) 7.50-16/14.9-30
Wheel Track (F/R)(mm) 1400-1900/1500-2100 1400-1900/ 1540-2120
Number of Gears (F/R) 12/4
Speed Range (km/h)(F/R) 1.92-31.72/5-15.01 2.13-34.85/5.53- 2.04-34.61/5.31-16.38
Lifting Force (610mm)(KN) ≥21.9
Lifting Force (Link Joint)(KN) ≥25.6
Diesel Engine
Type 4-cylinder, vertical, water cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection combustion 4-cylinder, vertical, water cooled, four stroke, direct injection combustion chamber, turbocharging air-air intercooling
chamber, normally aspirated
Displacement (L) 4.33 4.95 4.95 5.13 5.13 5.13 4.33
Rated Power/Rotating Speed (kW/rpm) 51.5/2300 55/2300 59/2300 62.5/2300 66.2/2300 70/2300 73.5/2300 



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