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  • New Development of Agricultural Machinery

    With the development of agricultural mechanization in our country to the new normal, the development of agricultural mechanization has also reached a critical period.

  • Continuous innovation is the key to the golden opportunity of agricultural machinery

    Under our agricultural policy, sale of Chinese agricultural production maintains an increase of about 20% in recent years, showing a steady development trend for the healthy development of agricultural machinery market.

  • Innovation is the key to land reform

    Strict enforcement of land-control system is to promote agricultural reclamation land resources asset-like and capitalization, innovative agricultural reclamation land asset allocation method. Which is the effective ways to reform huge and diverse task.

  • Rotary Tillers Sent to Canada

    Our tractor implements including rotary tiller, mowers, wood chippers and others got good feedback in Canada.

  • The Tractor Industry has Entered the New Normal Status

    In the past few years, the tractor industry has been developing at a rapid rate. The sustained high-speed growth does not conform to the development laws of the market economy. Instead, it brings serious problems such as excessive production capacity, low efficiency, and unstable product quality.

  • The Future of Tractors: Power Shifts Is the Trend

    At public times, the greater the tractor's output power is, the more gear it needs, and the more complex its internal structure is. In the current domestic transmission system of the tractor, the gear shifting technology of the gear sleeve is still the mainstream.

  • High-end farm implements will be core for farm machines

    Precision agriculture is the new trend in agricultural development in the world, is considered to be the leading edge of the 21st century agricultural science and technology development.

  • Declarative Statement

    We hereby solemnly declare that we have not authorized any individuals or entities outside China to represent our company to engage in any activities related to business or public service.

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